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+38 /062/ 306-46-48
+38 /062/ 306-46-49
+38 /050/ 573-40-22
+38 /093/ 773-79-63
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  Raduga LLC is one of the leading Ukrainian companies in the field of development and production of souvenir ceramic bottle for alcoholic drinks, founded in 1999. Conducted modernization of production facilities had allowed the company to increase its production output by 40 per cent since II quarter, which provided the company with the opportunity to expand its traditional production.

  The distinctive feature of our company is that all the products of our company are made of high-quality sorts of white clay with Czech glaze usage, which has international quality certificate REGISTRED FIRM BSI and is resistant to long-term storage of aggressive medium (spirits, brandy, balsams). High-quality German dyes and gold leaf are used for decoration. Products roast is conducted on gas furnaces 6/1200 C/Fibre of FORNOCERAMIKA Company, Portugal is the producer.

  Products of the Company meet the requirements of Republican Standards of USSR 1904-87 (for Ukrainian plants), have the Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion of RF 61..10.598..001674.06.10 dated 08/06/2012 and Declaration of Conformity of RF UA.AE58.60298 dated 10/06/2012 (for Russian plants). The bottle is completed with a synthetic cork (made in Hungary), heat shrink sleeve and is packed in corrugated cardboard boxes by 4-10 pcs.

  Owing to Raduga LLC products many of the largest manufactures of spirits were given renewed momentum in the promotion of their brands on the alcohol markets in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States, the Republic of Belarus, USA. Products supply for Russian consumers is performed by Russian representative office (PCF Rudaz LLC, Azov, Rostov region).

  On the customers request our company can put any logo, name, text on the already existing models and develop new souvenir bottles by customers design as well, which is the advertising of your drink and trademark.

  The individual approach to each customer allows us to determine the optimized and mutually beneficial cooperation conditions for both parties.

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